Gold Face Cream

A gold face cream is one of the most effective moisturizers and anti aging creams you could ever use. Gold has amazing restorative properties. It can repair and restore collagen as it is an antioxidant to the skin. Easily create your own face cream by using CornucAupia’s 24K Gold Leaf Crumbs for Cosmetics. Simply pour the desired amount of gold into your favorite cosmetic products, and mix. You can now enjoy your beloved cosmetics with real gold and create the gold face cream of your dreams. After the first application, you will find that a gold face cream works like no other. It is lightweight, refreshing, and smooths out lines. Gold face creams do not irritate even the most sensitive skin, and have a nice cooling restorative feeling.

Gold face cream does a good job of circulating blood to trough out the skin and gently allows the other moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. On the microscopic level, the collagen of the skin as been boosted and restored, ensuring that the skin will remain firm. Expect a beautiful radiant glow after applying the gold face cream and very well hydrated skin.

Consistent application of a gold face cream will inhibit the breakdown of elastin, slowing the aging process significantly.  Re-energize your skin with the energy it needs to repair and smooth itself out. Gold is a wonderful tool and it’s effectiveness comes from it’s natural negative ionic charge. The skin has a positive charge, creating a slight attraction allowing the gold to mingle with the skin and activate it’s anti inflammatory properties. By removing and reducing free radicals, the skin is given the opportunity to restore it’s natural collagen and keep itself clean and healthy.

Cornucapia’s pure gold face creams are the solution to wrinkles and fine lines caused by stress and aging. Gold face creams are a luxurious way to put a smile on your face and a matching beautiful glow to your skin. Gold face creams are universally appropriate for all skin types, including oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. A gold face cream will make all the difference after its first application.

Pure gold face creams are now available at a price for all to enjoy. The benefits of pure 24K gold are now once again being used to maintain and restore beauty in cosmetics. This is the product your skin has been waiting for. See for yourself how beauty and pure gold face creams go hand in hand. Enjoy an unmatched experience.