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For over a decade we have been living, eating, and dreaming of gold. CornucAupia is the worlds only all-American edible gold leaf manufacturer. Our supply chain begins and ends in North America, guaranteeing our purity along the way with third party lab testing. Multinational conglomerates, small businesses, and restaurants have depended on us for years and we are always happy to learn of new ways people incorporate our products into unique creations. Our mission is to make pure 24 karat gold a casual experience in daily life. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions, feedback, and exploring how we can help you leverage the uplifting effect of edible gold, and the beautifying effects of cosmetic gold.

Our response times to emails is very quick, and we are always a phone call away. If we miss you, we will get back to you the following business day.

Gold leaf crumbs in coffee.


Our corporate office serves as base operations for CornucAupia

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513 Interstate Court, Sarasota, FL 34240, USA.

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