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Q. Is it Toxic?

A. No, 24K Gold is non-toxic, and is not harmful to the human body. As long as it is 24K (pure) Gold, it is even safe for eating. See our 24K Edible Gold Leaf line of product line DeiAurum.

Q. What Form is the Gold In?

A. We currently have two products under the CleAurum brand name; a booklet of 10 24K Gold Leaf Sheets for use in applying to your face for the 24K Gold Mask and Facial, and we also have 24K Gold Leaf Crumbs for use as an additive to your favorite cosmetic products so that they too can contain gold.

Q. Does Adding Gold to Cosmetics Change Them?

A. Gold will not chemically react to any ingredients found in your cosmetic products. You can add gold to any cosmetic product for the gold’s benefits.

Q. How Does Gold Help My Skin?

A. It works by reducing glycation-induced skin aging by 50% by reducing collagen degeneration. It does this by inhibiting glycation, which forms advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which in turn cause protein fibers, or collagen, to become stiff and malformed.

– Kim, Ji-hoon, et al. “Anti-glycation effect of gold nanoparticles on collagen.” Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 35.2 (2012): 260-264.

Q. Do You Provide Wholesale Options?

A. We provide wholesale options for individuals and manufacturers on orders of $600 or more. Contact us for more information regarding wholesale availability.


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