Gold Collagen Eye Mask

A pure gold collagen eye mask is the simple solution to restoring and beautifying your eyes. How do you revuvenate the skin around the eyes, repair any broken collagen? It may seem like a tall order, but a pure gold collagen eye mask can do it all. It’s been working effectively since ancient times and the results simply speak for themselves. A pure gold collagen eye mask even has the added bonus of improving the texture of skin over time. By maintaining a simple list of all natural ingredients, you can expect the gold collagen eye mask to feel like a weightless refreshing thin layer of gold over the skin around the eyes.. There is no tightness or dehydration. There is only a cooling restorative feeling for you to enjoy, and lasting effects for you to love.

After just a single application, you notice smoother skin around your eyes. It will be softer, and maintain a beautiful, natural glow. The gold collagen eye mask has does it’s job by circulating blood to trough out the skin and gently allowed the other moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. On the microscopic level, the collagen of the skin as been boosted and restored, ensuring that the skin will remain firm. Expect a beautiful radiant glow after applying the gold collagen eye mask and hydrated skin that locks in the benefits of your pre-application ingredients.

Consistent application of a gold collagen eye mask will inhibit the breakdown of elastin, slowing the aging process significantly. It will re-energizing the skin with the energy it needs to repair and smooth itself out.

Gold is a wonderful tool, and it’s effectiveness comes from it’s natural negative ionic charge. The skin has a positive charge, creating a slight attraction allowing the gold to mingle with the skin and activate it’s anti inflammatory properties. By removing and reducing free radicals, the skin is given the opportunity to restore it’s natural collagen and keep itself clean.

Cornucapia’s pure gold collagen eye masks are the solution to wrinkles and fine lines caused by stress. Gold collagen eye masks are a luxurious way to enjoy adding a beautiful glow to your skin. Gold collagen eye masks are universally appropriate for all skin types, including: oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. A gold collagen eye mask will make all the difference after its first application.

Pure gold collagen eye masks are now available at an affordable price. The cosmetic benefits of pure 24K gold are once again being used to restore beauty to the faces of the world. This is the product your skin has been waiting for. See for yourself how beauty and pure gold collagen eye masks go hand in hand – the uplifting and rejuvenating power of gold is in your hands.