24K Gold Leaf Cosmetics and Skin Care

Enjoy the ultimate luxury experience that can only be realized with gold cosmetics and skin care. The pinnacle of pampered sensations. Experience our 24K Gold Mask, or add gold powder to any of your favorite cosmetics using our 24K Gold Leaf Crumbs for an unmatched luxury experience. CornucAupia Gold Leaf Manufacturing, Inc.’s “CleAurum” line of products provides pure gold leaf for the cosmetic industry in the form of our 24K Gold Mask for oral and body application, and 24K Gold Leaf Crumbs for you to add to any of your current cosmetic products.

Our CleAurum line of 24K gold cosmetics and skin care options are all universally compatible for people with normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

CleAurum’s pure 24 karat gold cosmetics and skin care products are powerful and multi-talented. The application process is an experience of its own, unlike any other cosmetic & skin care product. Gently massaging, the pure gold dissolves around the surface area of the skin, allowing it to soothe and prime the skin for absorbing the other active ingredients on a physically deeper level.

We believe cosmetic & skin care products need to be as natural and effective as possible. This is why we use pure 24 karat gold.

Using 24 karat gold cosmetics and skin care is not a new invention. It has a long standing place in history. Ancient civilizations knew that pure gold had a wide array of uses, and gold cosmetics and skin care for maintaining beauty was one of them. You can find evidence of gold being used directly as a face mask or active ingredient in oil based moisturizers all over Egypt among the royal guilds. The amazing thing about using CleAurum brand 24 karat gold cosmetics and skin care products is that they work on a deep level to reduce the degeneration of elastin, and slow down the skin aging process.

Pure 24 karat gold is a lightweight and creates a refreshing addition to any cosmetic & skin care product. It is sure to rejuvenate and bring skin back to life in full glory. The gold does not leave behind any noticeable trace when gently rubbed into the skin. Start to soothe and protect your skin like royalty today. Let the results of gold cosmetics and skin care speak for themselves.