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From the earliest of human civilizations, gold has been revered for its non-tarnishable brightness, and its suitability as a material to be used in the creation of some of the world’s greatest art, and artifacts.

Over the course of human history, gold has become a standard of value. The spiritual implications of gold have always been well received. It’s immunity to rust, corrosion, or deterioration, as well as resistance to even time itself, gold has been linked to both vitality, and immortality.

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DeiAurum, our edible gold and silver line can be used freely for any consumable creation. From lavishly presenting a complete menu, to decorating grand beverage and dessert displays, our 24K edible gold leaf, and pure edible silver leaf is perfectly safe for human consumption.

DeiAurum is CornucAupia’s 24K Edible Gold Leaf, and Pure Edible Silver Leaf line of sheets, flakes, crumbs, and powders. With DeiAurum, our goal is to provide a premium, high quality product that would be an enjoyable experience for those creating, and consuming. We use only 24K gold, and the purest silver available (99.997%) to create our products, following traditional crafting methods, while employing modern protocols to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

DeiAurum’s line of silver and gold leaf products takes the form of four different shapes: sheets, flakes, crumbs, and powder. These four options provide you with the exact sizes you need to take your ideas, and bring them to life in the form of a dish, dessert, or beverage everyone is sure to praise.

Rediscover the ingredients of the world’s finest creations.

We are also proud to provide artists, restorers, and other creators of the world with Auratura, our gilding product line to be used in extravagant works of art who wish to reach the same level of greatness as the classic masters.

We provide a complete product line to fit your needs. From various forms of gilding, restoration, framing, furniture, portraiture, and other various artistic creations, as well as custom tailor our products on request to match any shade or tone you may require; everything for your gold leafing needs.

Unlock ancient healing secrets

Harness gold’s immune nature, and its link to immortality with CleAurum, our line of products targeted towards the cosmetic use of gold’s properties.

From the time of the ancient Egyptians, gold has been used in various ways as an ingredient in cosmetics, and holistic healing. With its natural resonant frequency,and its manifest resistance to the effects of age and time, it is a symbol of excellence and eternity that has recently become a subject of study for its medicinal purposes in the advent of its modern revival as a healing mineral.

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