Frequently Asked Questions: 24 Karat Cosmetic & Edible Gold

Cornucaupia is an all American dedicated team passionate for disrupting as many industries as possible
by providing Edible 24 karat gold in an accessible manner for everyone everywhere in the world.
Led by CEO Denny Fisher with over 20 years of expertise in the fine gold business, Cornucaupia has
established business reach in all parts of the world and continues to grow.

How is Edible 24 Karat Gold Made ?

24 Karat edible gold dates back as far as recorded history and has been a part of many cultures for
generations. To this day, similar techniques are used. Here a step by step breakdown of our
manufacturing process.

1. Pure 24 Karat Gold is acquired from directly from Asahi Refining. The world’s leading precious
metal mining and refining corporation. All the gold is mined within North America.
2. The gold is heated and rolled into thin strips. The strips are then further mechanically pressed into
a thickness of 3 microns and then hand shaped into gold leafs squares.
3. Following our proprietary processing techniques, the gold is further processed into 24 karat gold
flakes, crumbs, and/or powder for use in a variety of applications.
4. Every batch is sent to a third party laboratory for purity analysis.
The entire process is mechanical and utilizes absolutely no chemicals or additives. Our facility is
registered with the FDA and utilizes stringent quality control suitable for food distribution in the united
states and international markets.

Is 24 Karat Edible Gold Safe to Consume ?

Pure 24 Karat gold is absolutely safe to consume as it is an inert element and does not react or interfere
with anything within the body. Edible 24 Karat Gold is approved for consumption within the European
Union (E175). It is a food additive that is generally considered safe within the USA by the FDA. Please
follow the recommended intake on the package and consult your physician prior to consuming any 24
Karat edible gold products. We do not offer any medical advice.

Is it Made in the USA?

All of our products are proudly made in the USA here in our first facility in Sarasota Florida. From start to
finish, our products are sourced within the United states and made here,

Is international Shipping Available?

Yes, all purchases from our website offer worldwide shipping. For custom shipping and handling
questions and concerns, please contact us directly at
You can also take advantage of online retailers distributing our product such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy,
and official distribution outlets.

Product Specific Questions

What is the difference between transfer sheet booklets and Loose leaf booklets ?

Transfer sheet booklets are used to transfer 24 karat edible gold leaf directly onto the surface of a
ready to eat product. As long as there is some adhesion to the food product such as moisture, stickiness,
or adequate static electricity, the gold leaf will displace from the parchment paper in the booklet and
attach to the food product with ease. This may require some practice and trial and error to perfect the
Loose leaf booklets offer the freedom to simply take and apply 24 karat edible gold leaf onto any
surface without prior physical contact. We recommend using the anti-static tweezers. Different shapes
and sizes are also possible to create using careful handling. Our products are used in fast paced high traffic restaurants of all kind and fast food establishments with no issues.