Edible Gold Paint

In 2018 a lot of caterers and food designers are looking towards the trend of edible gold paint on
things like wedding cakes and cupcake desserts. But what is edible gold paint? Edible gold paint is
actually just edible gold leaf plastered to the surface of a food! Sometimes the edible gold paint appears to
have a design or it appears to just be smeared randomly. Pure 24 karat edible gold cannot actually be
sprayed on, painted on, or colored in, so to speak, on foods. It is always applied manually by hand from
an edible gold leaf booklet. The appearance of edible gold paint is very appealing and makes for fantastic
pictures for facebook, instagram, and pintrest. Using 24 karat edible gold in your line up of food products
is a surefire way to boost appeal and reputation.

Preparing for a special occasion such as a party or a wedding requires attention to detail if your
aim is to dazzle your guests and leaving them clamoring about the function for weeks. The fashion of
edible gold paint is trending heavily on social media these days and is always a direct way to attract
followers and more customers to your particular products and services. Remember, that edible gold paint
is just hand-applied edible gold leaf sheets. Our pure edible 24 karat gold products all function as the
most beautiful sparkly addition to any of your projects and your satisfaction is guaranteed. That show
stopping look you’re going for – we have it in stock.

If you’re looking for the solution on how to get the edible gold paint appearance on your food,
such as it would look like if you had a food grade spray paint canister, follow these simple steps to
achieve that look. Purchase either pure 24 karat edible gold leaf loose sheets booklet, or edible gold
transfer sheet booklets. The difference being that the loose edible gold leaf booklet is meant to take one
gold leaf sheet by hand and apply to to the surface you wish to shine like edible gold paint. The transfer
sheet booklet is meant to physically make contact with the surface and transfer the edible gold leaf sheet
onto the food and off of the parchment paper. This works best for moist foods. Then, using flattering
lighting, take pictures of your foods featuring edible gold paint! Remember to tag us #cornucaupia