Edible Gold Leaf Toronto

Cornucaupia is a Florida based international company that has strong ties to Toronto Canada. We
have successfully penetrated the Canadian market and disrupted cuisine in the north. Our line of pure 24
karat edible gold products can be purchased from all Amazon marketplaces and our website can deliver to
your door wherever you are on the globe. Our edible gold leaf is enjoyed by people in Toronto in several
restaurants and also catering services. Toronto is home to many famous people such as Drake who make
the lavish lifestyle seem very appealing. Our edible gold leaf in Toronto is an affordable and arguably the
most effective way to dazzle any event ever.

Edible gold leaf is pure 24 karat gold processed down into an edible form that you can handle
and apply to any food or beverage. Typically, we sell our edible gold leaf in toronto as a loose leaf
booklet or as a transfer sheet booklet. The former is the easiest one to work with that simply requires
gentle handling and application onto the food. You can cut, bend, and shape the edible gold leaf into
whatever you like. The edible gold leaf transfer sheet booklets in Toronto require a more learned
approach whereby you “stick” the gold onto the surface of the food and allow for the gold leaf to transfer
from the parchment paper onto your food. Moisture and other adhesive properties ensure the processes is

As we are available everywhere and we are the most trusted brand in edible 24 karat gold, you
can buy our products from whatever avenue you prefer. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, online or in select stores,
the choice is yours. Shipping to Canada when making a purchase from our website is typically 3-5
business days. Get in touch if you have any specific desires or questions we can help with. For over 5
years we’ve been perfecting the technique of creating edible gold leaf and bringing it to communities
around the world. We insist you try using some kind of edible gold product if you aim to disrupt and
stand out in the wonderful world of food. A little can go a long way, ask us about trying some sample
orders and ideas. Tag us #cornucaupia in your pictures and stay in touch for Toronto discount codes.