Utilizing edible gold leaf is an absolutely tried and true method of dazzling your clients, patrons,
and fans. In 2018, Cornucaupia is proud to announce that we have been serving the world with the
highest quality of pure 24 karat edible gold for over five years! Feedback has been unanimously positive
– businesses of all varieties are happy to be able to source a trust American made edible gold leaf
product for their customers and creations. Our secret is consistency and commitment to purity. Our
production methods for our edible gold leaf booklets start from the very beginning. From the miners
hands, into a preliminary refined gold bullion, to a useable nugget of pure 24 karat gold in our
manufacturing facility in sarasota Florida. After we process the gold into edible form every batch is sent
to a third party laboratory for purity analysis. We guarantee the quality and purity of all our products.

In 2018, Cornucaupia has been delighted by the continued interest of new and exciting products
and businesses utilizing our edible gold leaf into disruptive new line ups. Whether your in the food
industry, cosmetic industry, or cater to both, edible gold leaf is definitely a show stopping eye catches for
your catalogue. Our products are not limited to the classic fancy meal and occasional bottle of alcohol.
Seafood garnished with pure edible 24 karat gold leaf flakes has made a debout in western Canada and
Japan. Customers and critics are raving about the mesmerizing inclusion of edible gold leaf into different

We at Cornucaupia gold leaf manufacturing Inc. strive to perfect our product and increase the value we
provide to our beloved customers. Wether your orders are big or small, we take the time to make sure we
fit your needs as much as we can. Your quest for brand awareness and creative product launches starts
here. Get in contact with us today and ask how you can receive samples for research and development
at wholesale pricing. Pure edible 24 karat gold leaf is here to stay, and the many shapes, sizes, and
forms our edible gold can take will all have their time in the spotlight. We want the whole world to enjoy
this beautiful luxury.