Edible Gold Leaf for Cakes

At Cornucaupia, we are happy to see that utilizing edible gold leaf for cakes is almost becoming
an industry standard for wedding catering and even smaller scale pastry design. Logically, the
affordability and ease of use of our edible gold leaf booklets makes it very enticing. The show stopping
dazzling effects of edible gold leaf on cakes is simply irresistible for the guests & customers. The dining
experience has been described to us as “adding an extra dimension to each bite”. While the edible gold
leaf offers no intrinsic flavor, each bite of cake or otherwise is enjoyed a thousand times more as the
luster and luxurious vibes of the pure 24 karat gold inches closer for personal consumption. People are
left happy, satisfied, and craving more of this new extra dimensional dining experience. Our mission was
to bring the beauty of pure 24 karat gold into the dining experience for everyone, and in 2018 we are
closer than ever to realizing this goal, thanks for all of your help and loyalty. We are passionate about
edible gold leaf.

When we started out years ago, we had to endure lots of trail and error with the design of the
edible gold leaf for cakes and then there was the question of perfecting the application technique.
Presentation is everything in the world of cuisine. We needed to make sure our edible gold leaf booklet
for cakes was easy to use, and full of impact. Everyone has their own technique, and practice makes
perfect. The edible gold leaf booklet is robust and easy to use – multiple times for the full quantity. Using
our anti-static tweezers, a steady hand, and an eye for elegant design, simply place the edible gold leaf
onto the surface of the food you with to garnish and make any adjustments you deem necessary. There is
no right or wrong way of using edible gold leaf for cakes – the pure 24 karat gold will always speak for

Whether you’re using our edible gold transfer sheet booklet or edible gold loose sheet the guidance
is the same, except of course for the transfer sheet booklet you need to press down on the surface of the
cake and make sure there is sufficient moisture or adhesive properties on the cake for the gold to transfer
from the booklet to your cake.