Edible Gold Leaf Canada

For everyone located in Canada who is interested in using edible gold leaf for their sweet &
savory dishes, we have great news. Cornucaupia ships to all locations in Canada. International shipping is
reasonably affordable and fast. For the past two decades Canada has been an emerging market that stands
on its own in several sectors. People who like to wine and dine appreciate the luxurious experience of
having pure 24 karat edible gold leaf incorporated into their meals. The lavish lifestyle is available for all
our friends in Canada at affordable prices. Use our check out to estimate the total cost of shipping. East
Coast Canadians can expect their shipment to arrive in just 3-4 business days. West coast Canadians get
their edible gold leaf usually in 5 business days.

What can explain the trend of using edible gold leaf in Canada? Well, Canadians are usually
second to adopt what is popular down south in the united states. But plenty of original ideas come from
Canada as well. We love seeing our edible gold used in products such as maple syrup! Yummy! A sweet
Canadian treat. A lot of famous celebrities are utilizing our pure 24 karat edible gold as part of their own
meals or ordering up the items on the menus of restaurants that offer it. We love supplying directly to
people and to restaurants in Canada that offer edible gold leaf. Many famous famous celebrities such as
Justin Beiber and Jim carry and many more are actually Canadian! Have their tried our edible gold? We
are sure at some point they have come across our products as they are sold in fancy restaurants all over
north America. But maybe it’s not their cup of tea? Either way, edible gold leaf Canada is proudly
supplied by Cornucaupia.

The shipping is quick, affordable, traceable, and does not damage the product. We ensure that we
use fragile stickers and very secure packaging to make sure the delicate edible gold remains intact and
ready to use for all of your Canadian gourmet needs! This is our official shout out to all Canadians
looking for a wide array of pure 24 karat edible gold products! Shop online at Coruncaupia and love what
you buy! Shine on Canada!