Edible Gold Flakes for Macarons

Macarons are one of the sweetest most delicious desserts on earth! The rich sweetness from the
soft flour and tangy sugars make it an amazing snack. Now imagine the flavor punch of a fresh macaron
with edible gold flakes for macarons. Using our pure 24 karat edible gold leaf loose or transfer booklet,
simply coat the macarons in whatever way you desire. The matte color finish of macarons is the perfect
contrast to the shiny luster of pure 24 karat gold. People cannot resist edible gold flakes for macarons.
Speaking of flakes, why not incorporate the gold during the baking process? Yes, the gold does not melt
or change properties at conventional cooking temperatures. Simply add our pure 24 karat edible gold
flakes during the mixing of dry ingredients and bake away when ready. You will be so surprised at how
beautiful and unique the macarons turn out. Beautiful enticing sparkling gold with each bite.
Whether you’re entertaining guests, catering a wedding, or a chef in a restaurant, edible gold
flakes for macarons are a must have. Everyone will flock to the plate or demand them from the menu. It
will not disappoint.

Macarons are especially eye catching for the rainbow of colors that are often included
in a set or showcase. The edible gold flakes for macarons are so shiny and enticing, they make the
customers and patrons linger on the idea of eating them for so long – until they inevitably do. The edible
gold leaf flakes for macarons do not interfere with the flavor profile at all – they do not alter the
consistency of the crunch nor do they affect the baking processes. Experimenting with the proportions and
actual application is required to get the desired finished product. Our edible gold flakes for macarons last
a long time and for many batches. They can be shaken on at any time and the profound effects will be
enjoyed by everybody.