Edible Gold Dust

Applying edible gold dust on food is a very simple way to bring eye catching luster to dishes and
make them stand out in the crowded space of cuisine. Popular catering pages on Instagram are starting to
present their foods with edible gold dust on them as a feature that draws attention to their line of products.
People on Facebook are flocking to the stores that carry desserts with edible gold dust – hoping for an
unforgettable experience and flavor enhancement. While they may be disappointed in the latter desire, as
edible gold dust doesn’t change the flavor of a food, they will certainly feel the extra dimension of added

Edible gold dust is made by simply turning raw 24 karat gold into an edible flat leaf, then
mechanically processing it into a fine powder that can be added into a shaker, like a salt shaker, and then
applied to any food for a dazzling effect. Edible gold dust is inexpensive and can last you a long time and
for many batches. The best foods to pair edible gold dust with are both desserts and savory dishes. Under
the correct lighting conditions, you would be amazed at how beautiful the contrast is between the surface
of the food and the shining pure 24 karat edible gold dust.

Cornucaupia is a USA based international company, and our clients are global. We ship
everywhere and as such we see our edible gold dust product impacting restaurants and catering businesses
all over the world. Big fancy establishments and small businesses are all loving the edible gold dust as it
is an inexpensive way to garnish foods that clients and guests can’t get enough off. Beginning in 2013,
our manufacture has perfected the ultimate edible gold dust processing techniques leaving you with the
purest and most shiny edible gold dust on the market.

Consider using edible gold dust where ever you wish to make a lasting impact on both a business
and one on one encounters. Reach out to us and remember to tag #cornucaupia when you post lovely
pictures featuring our pure 24 karat edible gold. With love, keep the gold dust flowing.