Cosmetic Gold Powder

Cosmetic gold powder is a simple way to infuse a beauty product with specks of shiny gold. The
powder incorporates into the product with ease. Serums, moisturizers, and powders are all recommended.
The tricky part is deciding on the ratio of gold powder to the product. A little can go a long way, but for
shiny eye catching effects we actually recommend the cosmetic gold flakes over the cosmetic gold

Cosmetic gold powder mixes well into the beauty product (No special techniques or equipment is
required) and it is just as easily applied onto the skin for desirable effects. A lot of people notice that the
luster in the powder is not as impactful as it is in the cosmetic gold flakes, this is because there is less
surface area to reflect light! The cosmetic gold powder is really good for products where a small amount
of formula is required per serving. Cosmetic gold powder is also very labor intensive and therefore the
price is higher. Finding the right niche use case for cosmetic gold powder may take some trial and error
but the rewards are certainly worthwhile.

The learning curve for utilizing cosmetic gold powder continues as you begin to physically
handle the gold. Upon opening up the container, you’ll find it may be tricky to take out a precice amount
of powder at. We recommend using a tiny teaspoon (often found in powdered stevia shakers) to handle
the cosmetic gold powder. Make sure the environment has no wind or vibrations or static electricity!
Once the powder is emulsified in your wet or dry solution, simply stir well and package it for sale.
The appearance of the cosmetic gold powder is entirely dependent on the ratio used within the
base formula. You will find there is a noticeable gold sparkle effect with any amount used on the skin.