Cosmetic Gold Flakes

Cosmetic gold flakes are created by Cornucaupia using our proprietary equipment. Starting from
raw gold, the gold is processed into flat sheets, formed into a leaf, and then mechanically processed into
pure 24 karat gold cosmetic flakes. These flakes are treated with a mechanical processes to adjust the
level of static electricity, making it more conducive to mixing into cosmetic formulations such as
moisturizers, serums, and powders.

Companies big and small are utilizing cosmetic gold flakes into their products to attract fresh
eyes to their dazzling new line ups. The gold, when applied to the face in gentle rubbing motions, attaches
into the pores of the skin leaving behind a beautiful sparkle that washes away with ease. This sparkle,
however, is the confidence booster and uplifting element of the beauty product utilizing cosmetic gold
flakes – it makes everyone feel like royalty!

Cosmetic gold flakes can be used in beauty products for every single application and every
occasion. The new standard in beauty is the gold standard.