Cosmetic 24 Karat Gold in 2018

Cornucaupia Gold Leaf Manufactuing Inc. is proud to have established the trend of using pure 24
karat cosmetic gold in make up. At this point in time the trend is unstoppable and growing exponentially.
What is it about using pure 24 karat gold in cosmetics for the average consumer that is so enticing? We
need to consider the history of beauty and cosmetics to find the answer.

Pure 24 karat cosmetic gold is inert and safe to use on the skin. It is designed to mix with any
cosmetic serum, powder, or moisturize. Cosmetic manufacturers are always pleased by simple processes
it takes to incorporate 24 karat cosmetic gold flakes into their existing formulations. Many simply add it
during the end of their large batch mixing processes.

Beauty companies all over the world, large and small, are adding pure 24 karat cosmetic gold
flakes into their products. The presentation of their products is absolutely irresistible. The target
demographic is in love with the luxurious appeal of having gold in their skin car products. Women in
particular love having a beauty product that makes them feel special. How could you love yourself more
than by using real 24 karat cosmetic gold on your skin?

Several years ago when Cornucaupia launched a line of cosmetic gold and opened the option of
manufacturing cosmetic gold flakes and leafs for other manufacturers, it took a while to fully explore the
value proposition. The upfront costs are actually very reasonable, yet the demand seems to surge for the
new line up for products. Our clients are very happy as they are just scratching the surface of what
products they can disrupt by adding pure 24 karat cosmetic gold. We on the other hand, are figuring out
which industry to disrupt next.

Purchase our line up of pure 24 karat cosmetic gold products: flakes, powder, face mask
booklets, custom work, etc by e-mailing us or calling our office. We are more than happy to discuss the
best ways for you to get started. With love and with many more successful years to come, Cornucaupia
Gold Leaf Manufacturing.