When ancient Egyptian beauty techniques resurface in the 21st century, Cornucaupia develops
the industry standard. Pure gold face masks are the most luxurious facial treatments available, and
businesses all over the world are racing to get involved. It’s as simple as applying a thin layer of your
preferred serum and applying the 24 karat gold leaf onto the targeted area. Let the gold stick to the skin
and gently press it in all around. You could also apply to the face with only a tiny amount of moisture
from a spray. Beauty companies and spas of all sizes and notoriety are utilizing cornucaupia’s 24 karat gold
face masks in their clinics on a daily basis. Clients are raving about it on social media, the frenzy has just
begun. This kind of demand is not without a solid foundation of positive effects. The gold face masks
work. Customers claim their skin feels tighter and softer, youthful duality. The 24 karat gold face mask
can also be applied to any area of the body, not just the face. Use as a morning or night treatment,
incorporate it into you routine and feel the results you see.

For people who have tried everything, you need to try the 24 karat gold face mask. This could be
the end of your hunt for the best beauty ritual. Cornucaupia is pleased to have launched this product with
the highest regard for purity that we are known for. We work together with beauty companies to make
sure the product is exactly as you wish it to be – simple, pure, and effective. Let’s bring ancient egyptian
beauty secrets into the mainstream beauty world together. With Love, Cornucaupia.