Edible Gold Flakes for Drinks

We are glad to see edible gold flakes for drinks take social media by storm as happy guests and
restaurants all over the globe consume and serve beverages containing pure edible 24 karat gold.
Everyone has their own reason for indulgence – some like the luster of the gold mixed with the bubbles of
a champagne, some people can’t resist the way the gold flakes contrast with a dark red wine. A good
party and dining experience is all about making memories that last. Using edible gold flakes for drinks is
a strategy that makes everybody involved stand out as a shining star. From the individuals perspective,
every sip is a multidimensional experience as they glance into the glass and move the gold closer for
consumption. Edible gold flakes for drinks is a time tested favorite.

How can you add edible gold flakes for drinks into your production processes? The good news,
is that you don’t have to change any machinery or techniques. Simply experiment by adding the edible
gold flakes during different steps in the production line and see if the turn out in terms of size and flake
density is where you want it to be. Once determined, you can make large batches as per usual. A little can
go a long way when it comes to edible gold flakes for drinks. You will find that several grams can stretch
out into many bottles and batches – depending on the density of gold flake you want visible in the drink.
We are happy to provide you with samples at wholesale pricing for your research and development.
Edible gold flakes for drinks is a sure fire way of disrupting the beverage industry and niche your product
occupies. Make your consumers feel elegant and special with pure 24 karat gold.

Our gold is designed with drinks in mind. The gold is absolutely pure 24 karat with no
contaminants, it does not react with any beverage at all – alcohol or otherwise. It can be served at room
temperature, boiling temperature, and cold temperatures. The dazzling luster of edible gold flakes for
drinks remains every present.