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CornucAupia Gold Leaf Manufacturing, Inc. and its products as featured in the media, and the announcements of new users of our edible gold and silver leaf products as well as new things about the history, and use of edible gold leaf sheets, flakes, powder, etc. as well as silver, including tutorials, and how to guides.

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Silver Leaf Sheets: Gold’s Shiny Brother

Silver leaf sheets are the correct answer to finalizing your art – whether it's a design or edible dish. Upon application of CornucAupia's sliver leaf sheets, the product immediately gains the luster and admiration associate [...]

Silver Leaf Furniture: Classic Design, Modern Shine

If you're looking to create legendary furniture with appeal to any taste and setting, silver leaf furniture is the answer. Cornucaupia offers the highest quality silver leaf furniture materials required to create silver gilded and [...]

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