Edible Silver Leaf Sheets


We have perfected the technique of creating edible silver here in our facility. The same technique used for thousands of years to treat and garnish royal feasts. Our pure edible gold flakes meet all requirements and surpass all expectations.

  • Easy to use
  • Anti static tweezers included
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 4×4 inch square sheets

Products are sold by weight of the ingredient.

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The CornucAupia brand pure Edible Silver Leaf Sheets make a perfect garnish or decoration for any edible creation. The large size of the sheets makes them perfect for making a grand presentation, and covering a large surface area. Edible silver leaf makes a perfect edible cake topper, or edible sprinkles for any dessert or pastry. Add magic to any meal or drink by garnishing it with real, pure silver. A luxury culinary ingredient brought to you for use in any edible creation you like. Experience the luxury of real silver leaf and the magic it brings with it. Impress your family and friends, or customers and associates, and leave them in awe. Give a truly unforgettable experience. Our Edible Silver Leaf products sold under the CornucAupia brand name are 3-4 nanometres thin. Silver has no taste, and does not react inside the body, making it perfectly safe for oral consumption. CornucAupia Gold Leaf Manufacturing, Inc. offers healthy and safe products at competitive prices. Manufactured by us in Florida, CornucAupia 24K Edible Gold and Pure Edible Silver products are considered a food colouring and additive, approved under the European E-175 standard. We are FDA registered, and ISO Food Lab Certified. CornucAupia products are Kosher and Halal. We are members of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE), the Specialty Food Association, and are members of other professional organizations in this field. Caution: Open container carefully, contents are sensitive to breeze. Do not consume more than 15mg per day. Silver leaf may be affected by static. Store this product in a dry area. Do not microwave. Do not inhale.

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